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El Cortijo® Cheeses

El Cortijo® Iberico Cheese

El Cortijo® Iberico cheese provides a trifecta of milk flavors. Iberico combines the acidity of cow's milk, the sharpness of goat's milk and the intensity of sheep's milk for a unique, buttery flavor. Featuring a hatched pattern imprinted on its black rind, this firm, aromatic cheese makes a lovely presentation.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Great for snacking
  • Makes a lovely grated cheese for salads
  • Enjoy with crusty bread and a selection of fresh fruit and quince jelly
  • Commonly served as a snack cheese
  • Makes fabulous grilling cheese sandwiches
  • Serve on toasted bread drizzled with olive oil
EL CORTIJO Iberico Cheese
Milk Type
Cow Goat Sheep